With thousands of videos going viral online, predators eating other animals are nothing new. And even though we have seen one too many wild animals snacking on their prey, it's still fascinating to watch majestic animals doing what they do best and seeing them in all their wild glory. Perhaps it reminds us of just how wild our world can be.

One video from down under shows us exactly what a feeding frenzy looks like. It may seem graphic, but trust us when we say you can't help but be transfixed at the precision of these magnificent predators.

New South Wales, Australia diver Brett Vercoe and his wife managed to capture an amazing clip of a group of sharks demolishing the carcass of a dead sperm whale off the coast of Coffs Harbour. The gang of sharks was composed of three white pointers and two tiger sharks that were about four meters long.

Vercoe uploaded the video of these razor-sharp-toothed, keen and deadly killing machines tearing into the flesh of an, albeit already dead, humongous animal, and so far it has been getting some attention online. After all, where else can you see these different sharks banding together for lunch?

"It was incredible to find that happening just five or ten kilometres from Coffs Harbour. Unbelievable. It was a really exciting time," Vercoe said.

The 11-meter sperm whale seemed to have died somewhere else and was washed into the area of Coff's Harbour. From the state the whale was in, other smaller creatures could have already benefitted from the flesh before the hungry group of sharks decided to devour it.

Vercoe and his wife have seen this kind of feeding frenzy before but he admits that it was a rewarding experience to see an event like this up close.

"It's probably the closest that I've been to sharks that are actually feeding like that," he said.

The sperm whale carcass eventually washed up to the shore stripped to the bone and became a reminder of the latest shark attack events that have rocked the shorelines of Australia. One body boarder experienced a mauling incident by a shark near Lennox Head while one surfer was knocked off his surfing board by a hungry shark last week.

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