One thing we might need in the world is more Atari comics, at least according to a new publishing agreement struck between Dynamite and Atari.

Now, we can look forward to original series of comic books based on Atari and see the re-publishing of older Atari titles such as Atari Force.

"We are excited to be teaming up with Dynamite Entertainment to bring a modern twist to a classic series of comics and tabletop books that are rich with historic art," said Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer of Atari, Inc. in a press release. "Atari's roots in the comic book world and iconic art is a collector and video game enthusiast's dream. Our partnership is a fun way to expose our brand to a new generation and resonate with our long-time fans."

The publishing deal isn't just for standard comics, though. Dynamite also plans on releasing a hardcover book featuring a retrospective look at Atari, including concept art from games, photos, behind-the-scenes details, promotional art and interviews with people involved with Atari and its history. This book, the "Atari Art and Historical Book," is Dynamite's first release as part of the agreement with Atari and covers the making of such classic games as Asteroids, Missile Command and Centipede.

Atari also plans on re-publishing the classic DC Comics' Atari Force, which ran from 1982 through 1986. This comic book series followed a team of humans from all over the world as they traveled through space searching for a new planet for humans to inhabit because Earth was slowly becoming inhospitable to human life.

"Atari is a touchstone for so many people," says Rich Young, Dynamite's director of business development. "Their games and game system exposed a lot of folks to video games for the first time ... and frankly, got them hooked! I have fond memories of playing games on the 2600 with friends growing up, and am quite happy that we have a chance to work with Atari on this publishing program."

Via Bleeding Cool

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