A report from a security expert at Symantec has claimed that the Anti-virus software is dead, as it is no longer capable of stopping cyber criminals from gaining access to a user's personal computer. So what's the course of action? Create many tools designed to protect the user from several aspects of the web.

The bold words of Symantec claiming Anti-virus is dead, might not be exactly true. Probably just an exaggeration, because we will always need Anti-virus to help us detect malicious software and stop them in their tracks. The thing is, future Anti-virus software might operate differently, it might just become one of many tools to help us stay safe on the web.

However, the main idea behind the next generation of Anti-virus software is not to keep cybercriminals from accessing your system, but to minimize the damage in the best possible way. Will this work? We're not sure, but we're skeptical of this idea because we would rather a system that keeps the bad guys out.

It is easy to see why Symantec is going down this road. After all, an Anti-virus software can only manage to capture around 45 percent of all security risks. That's a real issue and goes to show how much hackers are ahead in this game of cat and mouse.

Another reason for the change of action is because several malwares only live on your computer for an hour. Apparntly, malware authors make changes to their software to help go undetected, says security provider, FireEye. So right now your computer could be a breeding ground for malware, and you nor your Anti-virus has the slightest clue.

"The function signature-based AV serves has become more akin to ghost hunting than threat detection and prevention," reports FireEye.

Right now, Norton, the Anti-virus created by Symantec will have some friends to assist with virus protection. Several companies are planning to launch new tools such as password managers, mobile VPN apps, and secure cloud storage services. These tools will be separate from the Anti-virus tool, though we are not certain if they will make the lives of PC and mobile users any safer on the web.

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