Users who are experiencing certain problems with their iPhones always have the option of going to an Apple service center to have their devices checked. However, that would require effort to go to the nearest service center, and if the device is no longer covered by a warranty, additional costs.

One problem that seems to be occurring more often recently with iPhone users is that their devices keep on restarting.

The issue has become so prevalent that the Tumblr tag page for "iPhone keeps restarting" has been filled up with many users expressing their frustration on the problem.

For users who are having trouble with their iPhones restarting, here are some things that can be tried out before deciding to visit an Apple service center.

Update the Operating System

An iPhone that keeps on restarting could be because the operating system of the device is outdated. Users can try updating their iOS to the latest version to see if that will fix the problem. In addition, all apps should also be updated.

This is the official solution that Apple has released for the problem. However, many users experiencing the problem have updated operating systems and apps.

Do a Hard Restart

Users can try a hard restart on their iPhone, which can be done by holding down the power button for 10 seconds until the smartphone restarts.

Toggle Cellular Data

This solution worked for some users, as strange as it looks. By turning off cellular data and then turning it back on, iPhones that were previously restarting repeatedly suddenly became fixed.

Uninstall a New App

The restarting issue could have been caused by a newly downloaded app. Users who notice that their restarting problems only began to happen after downloading a certain app should uninstall the said app, as it could be what is causing the problem.

Reset iPhone

This is not a recommended solution, particularly because it is not a definite solution to the problem. However, it can be done without needing to go to the service center. Users who are willing to try this solution would first have to back up all their data, as all of the contents of the iPhone will be erased.

Battery Replacement

This solution is not a possible one for most users, and will have to take their iPhone to the Apple service center to have done. Faulty batteries is one possible cause for iPhones that keep restarting, and replacing an iPhone's battery is a possible solution.

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