Philips is working on research for LED lights that can be used to grow plants in indoor farms, the company said in a press release.

The company's research holds significant importance due to the ever growing population of the world, as the traditional agricultural methods being used today may not be able to cope up with the increasing demand in the future.

To do its part in addressing the problem, Philips has opened the GrowWise City, an indoor farm located in the Netherlands.

The facility is completely LED-powered and covers 2,500 square feet, and is the site where researchers of Philips are looking to be able to develop "LED light growth recipes" that will aid future farmers in growing fresh and healthy crops using LED light technology for the whole year without the need for sunlight or soil.

It is a clean and closed environment within GrowWise, as all natural air and light is prevented from entering. Instead, the site utilized a customizable and connected LED system which is able to provide specialized sequences of lighting which target the ideal requirements of different plants, resulting in produce and vegetables that are pesticide-free and completely organic.

The site is made up of mechanized plant racks of four layers, separated in eight rooms with different climates. Each layer of the plant racks utilizes the GreenPower LEDs of Philips, which has been designed specifically to aid in the growth of crops. The LEDs can be customized according to the respective needs of plants.

Currently, researchers are working on LED light growth recipes for upgraded leafy vegetables, herbs and strawberries. Afterwards, researchers will move their focus towards carbohydrate crops such as potatoes and wheat.

"Our aim is to develop the technology that makes it possible to grow tasty, healthy and sustainable food virtually anywhere. The research we are undertaking will enable local food production on a global scale, reducing waste, limiting food miles and using practically no land or water," said global director of city farming for Philips, Gus van der Feltz.

The ultimate goal of Philips for GrowWise City is to make further improvements to its LED technology to increase the feasibility of year-round farming indoors, so that the technique can be utilized in crowded locations which do not have much land area, energy or water to spare.

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