Music streaming service Tidal announced on Wednesday the release of a new "Family Plan" that makes the platform more affordable when multiple users sign up.

As part of the new family plan, any additional accounts registered under the same primary paying user will receive a discount of 50 percent off. The discount applies to those with the $9.99 Premium subscription and the $19.99 HiFi subscription.

Under this pricing plan, one to four additional accounts can be added to the subscription of the primary user, which will be charged for the new accounts.

While the family accounts are managed by the primary account holder, every new user will receive their own log-in information, they can create their own playlists, and manage content and settings.

Each of the new users will then be able to register up to three devices to play music when using the offline mode, and will be able to stream online content from a library of 30 million songs and 75,000 high-quality videos.

The global music and entertainment platform, which was famously relaunched by Jay Z, is known as the streaming service that offers the ability to stream high-fidelity 16-bit FLAC digital audio files, as well as for its exclusive content.

But it isn't the first to offer a discounted subscription plan for families. Tidal is following in the footsteps of music streaming platforms like Rdio, Spotify and Apple Music, which offer similar plans.

Compared with the other family plans, Apple Music still offers the best price. Apple Music's family plan costs $14.99 per month, and can be shared with up to six accounts.

Both Rdio and Spotify offer the same prices for their family plans. On Spotify, users who add up to four family members get 50 percent off their Premium subscription (which costs $9.99 plus tax a month). That means it comes to $14.99 for two people, $19.99 for three, and $29.99 for five. However, there are rumors that Spotify may match Apple Music's price.

Rdio users save 20 percent on a second Unlimited subscription (which costs $9.99 a month ), making it $17.99 for two Unlimited Family subscriptions per month, and $22.99 for three (with a 50 percent discount on the third subscription.)

Tidal also has a discounted price for student accounts, which cost $4.99 per month. To register in this pricing plan, the user must be enrolled in a U.S. accredited higher education institution.

News that Tidal has rolled out a family plan doesn't set the music streaming apart, but rather keeps it on the same playing field as the other big platforms.

Via: Tech Crunch

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