With San Diego Comic-Con only days away, networks plan on ramping up their promotional efforts for their latest genre television series.

CBS is no different — it just released a new preview video of Supergirl, showing Kara Zor-El saving the day.

The video comes courtesy of the official Supergirl Twitter account. Not only does it show Melissa Benoist starting to experiment with her powers (the promo shows her falling off a skyscraper), but it also gives a great look at her costume and personality (here's a girl having fun being a superhero).

But what can we expect from the first season of this super series? Executive producer Ali Adler teased what the series has in store for Kara, including how she'll deal with discovering her powers.

"We'll absolutely see some flashbacks of her discovering them, because she was 12 years old when she landed here, and she didn't have these powers on Krypton," said Adler. "Kara hasn't used these powers very much or very well. There will definitely be a learning curve at the beginning of the season."

With genre fans crying foul over most efforts to put female superheroes on TV and in film, there's a lot of pressure riding on the cast and crew of Supergirl. This series must deliver, making both existing and new fans happy.

"I think we're just as excited to work on it and create it," said Benoist to IGN. "There's a lot of pressure, but the good kind to just blow everyone out of the water and inspire some people."

Of course, we won't know how good it is until later this year, when Supergirl premieres on CBS on October 26.

The series also includes former Superman Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and former Supergirl Helen Slater as Kara's adoptive parents.

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