WhatsApp Web launched early this year to bring some of the mobile app's functionality to the desktop, and neat new features now improve the experience.

Back in January of this year, WhatsApp Web launched as the desktop client of the popular cross-platform messaging service. At the time, the service offered only a few basic features, as well as received some minor improvements until now.

The latest update, however, now adds a slew of the most popular features of the mobile app, significantly improving the WhatsApp Web experience. Users will now be able to easily manage their conversations from the desktop client, change their profile picture, edit their status and more, without needing their mobile device.

Up until now, the option of editing your status or profile picture was limited to mobile only, as WhatsApp Web did not include such settings. With the new update, hovering over your profile photo on WhatsApp Web now activates an option to change the image. At the same time, an edit icon is now visible next to the status bar, allowing users to change their status on the web.

Chat conversation settings get some much-needed improvements as well, finally enabling users to perform a number of actions. Up until now, users could not archive or delete chat conversations, nor mute, archive or leave group chats.

As a reminder, WhatsApp Web allows users of the mobile app to enjoy chatting on the desktop rather than the small screen of their smartphone. To connect to the desktop client, users will find a WhatsApp Web option on the mobile app on their smartphone, as well as a QR code on the WhatsApp Web desktop client. On the mobile app, the option is accessible by tapping the three dots at the top right of the app, then selecting WhatsApp Web from the dropdown menu of options.

After selecting WhatsApp Web from the smartphone app, scan the QR code on the website to connect. Your messages, photos, contacts and everything you have on the mobile version of WhatsApp will sync with the desktop client as well, and the newly-added features now make the desktop client significantly more convenient than it used to be.

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