In Divergent, the city of Chicago is like a character in and of itself.

This dystopian post-apocalyptic series turns the hustle and bustle of the Windy City into a brutalist metropolis. However, iconic landmarks like Millennium Park's Bean sculpture (which serves as a meeting place for Tris and her brother Caleb) and the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier (which Tris and Four climb as part of the most epic game of Capture the Flag ever) serve to remind us of the humanity that Tris and her allies are fighting to protect.

Of course, that's hard to remember as The Divergent Series: Insurgent – the second film in the franchise – begins. The Abnegation settlement is in fiery ruins, and Jeanine has ascended to power, which is clear from all of the skyscrapers donning holograms of her face around the crumbling city. The fight to save Chicago – and the world – is on.

Yes, we get to see even more of this not-so-bright, futuristic Chicago and its factions in Insurgent. In this exclusive clip from the behind-the-scenes featurette from the Blu-ray release out August 4, you'll get a sneak peek at how the film's creative team brought real-world Chicago locations into the world of Insurgent.

"We really meticulously went through the map of Chicago and thought about certain areas that would lend themselves to the current-day architecture, mixing that with the headquarters we designed for each one and then having that area taper off into ruins and then build back up into the next area," says Insurgent's second unit director and VFX supervisor James Madigan in the clip.

In addition to this featurette, the Blu-ray, 3-D Blu-ray combo pack and digital HD (available July 21) releases have more than four hours of bonus material, including more behind-the-scenes footage of Insurgent and audio commentary from the film's producers.

Check out the exclusive clip below.

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