Comic-Con 2015: Marvel Announces New 'Spider-Man/Deadpool' Crossover


If you think about it, Deadpool and Spider-Man aren't all that different from one another. Sure, their powers, weaponry and sanity levels don't exactly line up, but both characters are known for cracking jokes in the middle of a fight - it's like they were made for one another!

That's why it's so surprising that two of Marvel's biggest heroes haven't had their own series - thankfully, that's (finally) about to change.

As part of the 'Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends' panel at Comic-Con 2015, Marvel has announced that longtime Deadpool writer Joe Kelly and artist Ed McGuinness will be heading up Spider-Man/Deadpool, a new ongoing series featuring the Marvel Universe's two biggest smart alecks.

While details on the book itself are still somewhat scarce, it's clear that Marvel is putting some of its best comedic talent behind Spider-Man/Deadpool - if you're a fan of either character, now's the time to get excited.

With characters like Deadpool and Spidey, it's all but guaranteed that Spider-Man/Deadpool will focus on comedy. During their panel at Comic-Con (via LA Times), writer Joe Kelley commented on trying to find the right balance between the two heroes:

"The book is funny, I hope...We're working on our barometer of good taste. The challenge of the book is that they're both funny. Spidey is one type of humor; Deadpool is a very different type of humor."

Granted, this is Marvel Comics - just because it's a funny book doesn't mean that it won't have its fair share of heavier moments, too. While it's highly unlikely that fans will see Batman-esque levels of brooding, don't expect the fourth wall to come tumbling down every other panel.

In all honesty, it's pretty surprising that this hasn't happened sooner. True, Deadpool and Spidey have teamed up on numerous occasions, but it's always been a part of their own individual series. Spider-Man/Deadpool will be their first joint venture - with any luck, this new series will do the duo justice.

Currently, the book doesn't have a specific launch date, but fans should expect to see Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 sometime later this year.

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