In a dramatic move, Mozilla has blocked all versions of the Adobe Flash Player from its Firefox browser.

Now, if you attempt to update the Flash Player through the add-on menu, you will be diverted to a notice page that reveals the application has been "blocked for your protection."

On Tuesday, July 14, Mozilla undertook this move to block Flash Player Plugin version up to The block includes the latest release, which is the most vulnerable version apparently.

Mark Schmidt, head at Firefox support, also confirmed the blocking of Flash Player from the browser via a Twitter post.

"BIG NEWS!! All versions of Flash are blocked by default in Firefox as of now," tweeted Schmidt who also gave the link to the add-ons page for Firefox for the current version.

Mozilla is taking this route because old versions of the Flash Player have several vulnerabilities.

"Some websites use Adobe Flash to display content. However, attackers can also use the security flaws in Flash to run malicious software on your computer and gain access to your system," cautioned Mozilla.
The block is a result of the discovery of the critical zero-day flaws in the Flash Player. Two bugs were found by security researchers when they were going through 400GB of data from Italy-based security company Hacking Team, which leaked online. Interestingly, on Monday, July 13, Alex Stamos, Facebook's chief security officer, tweeted that Adobe would be better off killing Flash for good due to the flaws, which makes it susceptible to attacks.

However, the current blocking of Flash Player for Firefox is a stop-gap measure and Schmidt confirmed that until Adobe releases a new version/patch sans exploits of "publicly known vulnerabilities," Flash will continue to be blocked.

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