No matter how many locks and bolts you have on your door, there is always that uneasy feeling a person gets when they hear something — with the possibility of it being someone — make noise in the house during the middle of the night.

Now, you can feel more at ease when it comes to the threat of an armed assault or robbery when home alone or when leaving loved ones home by themselves thanks to this smart camera that can detect a gun and send an alert when there is one on the premises.

Developed by nanoWatt Design, the GunDetect smart camera uses computer image processing to automatically detect if a firearm is in the room. Instead of alerting the police, the device only sends a text message to the user to warn them that there is an armed intruder in the home. The owner of the smart camera will choose how to respond to the potential threat — whether that means take out their own firearm or call for help.

The GunDetect would also allow gun owners the peace of mind of knowing their firearm is safely locked or hidden to prevent cases of accidents.

The firearm smart camera comes in two versions: GunDetect Premium and GunDetect Cloud. Both options are equipped with optical sensing software and computer algorithms to pick up if a gun is in the house. However, when a gun is detected, the GunDetect Cloud encrypts the images, sending them to the cloud first, which then slightly delays the time in which an alert is sent.

The company says that the smart camera is accurate 90 percent of the time when a firearm is clearly visible, but this means there could be a small chance that it could misidentify an object for the weapon. Then again, there is an even worse scenario — when a firearm is concealed. Chances are, if it's not clearly visible, the gun will go undetected.

Still, this technology may just be that extra comfort for gun owners who want to prevent their firearm from getting into the wrong hands.

Those who are interested in getting their hands on this product can do so through nanoWatt Design's Kickstarter campaign. It will cost $349 to preorder the Cloud GunDetect, plus its service subscription fee, and $529 for a Premium GunDetect (with no service subscription needed).

Via: Engadget

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