Smartphones have made it easier then ever for amateur videographers to capture any moment without having to be equipped with professional cameras. But for those who have dreamt about becoming the next Steven Spielberg a la E.T., the Extra-Terrestial, recording a short movie on an iPhone might not be what you have in mind. You may strive for that classic movie director feel, but you don't want to spend big bucks on a high-tech video camera when your iPhone's camera has the capabilities of getting the job done.

Luckily, a group of filmmakers called the Lumentai invented the world's first cinematic smartphone case that turns an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus into a vintage video camera to allow cinematographers to capture modern day memories as if they were just coming from an '80s family birthday party.

The Lumenati CS1 smartcase combines the technological features of digital devices (no film needed, instant editing and sharing apps), with a vintage look classic lo-fi cameras are known for.

To transform your iPhone into a vintage-looking video camera, simply slide the device into the smartcase just like an 8-mm film cartridge, and press the red trigger button to start filming, letting it go to stop.

The case is lightweight, portable, and comes with a wrist strap to prevent the smartphone case from hitting the ground if your hand slips. The unit allows all levels of filmmakers to capture steady shots thanks to its ergonomic design. It is also equipped with a real-time viewfinder to give the shooter that classic movie-making feel, while allowing WYSIWYG capabilities — even when in bright light.

Mobile cinematographers can also swap out lenses when using the Lumentai CS1 case. Use the wide-angle lens to capture the whole scene, or swap for the fisheye lens for a more creative spin. All the lenses are designed for hi-res HD cameras.

Users can also download an accompanying app to manually control the camera's exposure and focus, add filters and change the frames per second. The app also has editing features for clips, was well as the ability to add music, text, and share instantly to social media sites.

The Lumenati CS1 has both auto and manual focus, auto-image stabilization, hybrid IR filter, f/2.2 aperture, backside illumination sensor, five-element lens and a sapphire crystal lens cover.

While the iPhone 6 is already equipped with a camera worthy of creating Hollywood magic, the CS1 smartness further enhances its capabilities by making it easier to shoot footage, and enhances the user experience with the ability to add on filters, microphones, and lights.

The Lumentai's have featured the world's first cinematic smartcase in a Kickstarter campaign that has already received over $49,000 of its $75,000 goal with less than a month to go.

The CS1 will retail for $249, but Kickstarter backers who pledge $150 can receive an early bird special that includes one of the first smartcases with a side angle lens.

Photo: Scott McDonald | Kickstarter

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