Google Adds Some Smarter Snooze Options To Inbox


Google's separate "Inbox by Gmail" email service already had a snooze feature to help distinguish it from Gmail proper, but the company's now beefed up that feature a bit more to try to lure some more folks away from their regular old lowercase inbox.

As Google's Vijay Umapathy explains in a blog post, Inbox's snooze option is now able to take any dates or times in an email into account and automatically resurface that email at a time you might want to be reminded of it. You can snooze a restaurant or event reservation, for example, and have it reappear an hour before the reservation, or snooze a shipping notification and have it pop up again the day the package is expected to arrive.

Apart from that, Google says the feature should work on most types of calendar invites, flight confirmations, and hotel or car reservations -- and, knowing Google, it'll no doubt continue to be refined and expanded in the months ahead.

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