If you're in the market for a new truck, especially for some off-roading adventures, here's another little reason that makes the Toyota Tacoma stand out.

The 2016 Tacoma is the auto industry's first vehicle sold with a GoPro camera mount as a standard feature, according to a Bloomberg report. Although it's just a $40 accessory, Toyota included it as a standard feature to tap into an audience they believe is already using GoPro cameras in their trucks, anyway.

"These true off-roaders are out there, and they all have GoPros on their trucks," Michael Sweers, Tacoma's chief engineer, told Bloomberg. "Whether they're fishing, off-roading, camping and so on, they're all recording their adventures."

Sweers added: "We're not in the business of selling cameras, and we're not in the business of dictating to our customers what they have to use. It just made sense to try to team up with GoPro because that's what our customer base is using."

That and it's one more extra standard feature that Toyota can point toward against its Chevy and GMC competition in the truck market. According to Bloomberg, the Tacoma commanded sales of upwards of 60 percent in the truck division in July 2014, but a truck like the Chevy Colorado stands out as competition. 

Anything to maintain an edge and stand out against the rest...especially with some cool points for the extra touch with the GoPro mount. We bet it won't take long before we see awesomely-muddy off-roading footage shot with a GoPro mounted in a Tacoma.

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