In a world populated by a slew of social media apps, one app called Beme aims to bring more authenticity to one's digital persona.

Most online profiles involve a highly-edited version of one's self, with all sorts of filters applied to images and all kinds of editing to make users look better than they do in reality.

This new app called Beme aims to eliminate the previews and the filters and the editing and such, in an effort to bridge the gap between reality and one's social media profile.

Casey Neistat is a short-film video artist and a social media evangelist who wants people to see Beme as an opportunity to portray a more realistic version of themselves on social media.

To do so, Beme will use the proximity sensor of the phone as a record button. In the demo video, Neistat demonstrates how users can record a video simply by placing the phone on their chest. This way, he says, you don't have to miss out on that concert or whatever action you're recording because you're looking at your phone's screen. At the same time, the fact that you have no preview aims to make it more authentic, because you can't decide whether you like it enough to post it without editing. Once you place the phone on your chest (or anywhere else on your body), the device automatically records and uploads a four-second video to your feed.

At the same time, these short clips are also self-destructing, set to disappear once they've been seen. Users can click and hold on a clip to watch it, but the video will vanish after that. Users can also send reaction selfies mid-video, with the same authenticity in mind.

"The simplest and most authentic way to share your experience on video. Instantly capture real moments from the world around you with a simple gesture. See how friends, family and interesting people honestly live their lives, and send them genuine reactions," reads the app description.

To get a better idea of this new iOS app and what it aims to do, check out Neistat's introduction video below. To try it out, head over to iTunes and download Beme for your iPhone. It's worth pointing out, however, that while the app is freely available for download, it will require a code to use. Neistat says he'll give out such codes periodically on the vlog, but users can also get them from anyone who's already received an unlock code.

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