Microsoft is taking no prisoners when it comes to kicking Windows XP to the curb. Recently, the software company released a new software patch, but only for SharePoint Server versions 2007, 2010 and 2013, Office Web Apps, SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Server 2013. Office 2003 on Windows XP was left in the dust.

This marks the first time Microsoft released a new update that failed to find its way to Windows XP. It proves that Microsoft is dead serious on leaving the 12-year-old operating system behind while it focuses on improving more current software.

We understand Microsoft fixed 13 vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited in the wild. Furthermore, these 13 vulnerabilities are very much active on Windows XP, so if you're using that operating system, you may want to upgrade sooner rather than later, because the trend will continue of not supporting Windows XP with new software patches going forward.

When it comes down to Internet Explorer, the patch fixes 2 vulnerabilities that could allow an attack to access a person's computer remotely to execute malwares or viruses.

"It's important to make sure that you apply MS14-018 and MS14-029 if you haven't already applied last month's IE cumulative update," said Tyler Reguly, manager of security research at Tripwire.

The constant release of patches is not a good sign for Microsoft, as it shows how incompetent the company is at doing something right the first time around. No one likes to purchase a new version of Windows, only to realize they need to download 60 updates, and spend another hour or two installing updates and rebooting their computer

Many computer users are not happy about the stance the software company has taken against the old operating system. However, it is necessary in many ways, not to mention that Windows XP is quite old, and one cannot expect it to be supported for the next 12 years or more.

There are several options available to computer users who need to move away from Windows XP for little to no cost. The Linux alternative may not be the best, but it should be good enough to perform basic tasks.

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