Unless Windows XP users have millions to spend on a special XP-sustainable deal with Microsoft it's likely many are scrambling this weekend to figure out how best to handle the end of Windows XP support come Tuesday.

April 8 (U.S. time) is doomsday for XP as Microsoft is ditching security patching for the 12-year-old OS. Since announcing the news the world's biggest software company has been trying a variety of things to lure users to its latest OS offerings (Windows 7, Windows 8.1) from tossing out monetary update incentives ($50 gift cards and even a $100 rebate) while intermittently issuing doomsday warnings on how malware, hackers and all-things-nasty will slam XP computers starting one minute past midnight on April 9.

As TechTimes reported late this week, not everyone is scrambling. The British government made a $9 million deal to enlist Microsoft's help in keeping XP safe until it can switch over its OS. There's been no similar announcement as yet from the U.S. government, which also has an exceptional large XP platform in place. But then again the XP challenge comes at a time when the U.S. is grappling with ongoing National Security Agency spying revelations, celebrating the achievements of Obamacare and is now busy denying it had anything to do with a 'Twitter'-focused covert overthrow in Cuba.

According to StatCounter, 19 percent of the computers in use still use XP, which is second only to Windows 7's 54.7 percent in popularity. In contrast Windows 8 and 8.1 combined have around an 11 percent share. More people even run the much-trashed Windows Vista, 4.03 percent, than Windows 8.1 with 3.07 percent.

The lone good news, especially for procrastinators who tend to run the other way when faced with a big decision, is that Microsoft will support its Microsoft Security Essentials security program for XP through July, 2015. So if you haven't downloaded it, download it now as it won't be around after April 8. That will provide basic malware protection while you decide whether to upgrade or become an Apple user.

As the official XP countdown clock indicates, starting now you have three days, 13 hours and 53 minutes.

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