The Millennium Falcon isn't just one of the most popular Star Wars ships — it's one of the most iconic vessels in science fiction. When someone mentions Star Wars, Han Solo's Corellian freighter always comes to mind immediately. Sure, the Death Star may have the size advantage, but in terms of popularity, the Millennium Falcon will always come out on top.

Naturally, the Falcon's popularity has led to all sorts of Star Wars merchandise. Models, replicas, Lego sets — chances are, if you can build it, there's a Millennium Falcon version somewhere out there.

That said, the new Hot Toys model may be the one Falcon to rule them all: this isn't just another tiny model or miniaturized Lego set. As a part of its Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong showing, Hot Toys is bringing a scale replica of the Falcon — and it's big.

From the official Hot Toys Facebook page:

"Recently, Hot Toys has showcased an impressive 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon cockpit at San Diego Comic-Con, which has already fascinated many Star Wars fans! But we are not stopping there yet, as a complete and highly-detailed 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon – measuring close to 18 feet (5.5 meters) long by 12 feet (3.7 meters) wide – will actually be making an appearance at ACGHK!"

Clearly, Hot Toys is going all-out with this new Falcon model. Eighteen feet is almost two stories tall — basically, Hot Toy's Millennium Falcon is as long as most houses are tall.

Hopefully, Hot Toy's Millennium Falcon will make its way to the U.S. at some point — after all, there are probably more than a few devoted fans who'd like to see it...

Otherwise, fans will just have to make due with the next best thing: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Unleashed is due out on December 18.

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