The 'Bond Girls' Of 'Spectre' Photos And Details Revealed


A new James Bond movie hitting theaters is always a highly anticipated occasion. The upcoming release of Spectre on November 6 is no exception.

Hopefully, the arrival of what is expected to be a new, fuller trailer for Spectre on Wednesday will give us a more revelatory glimpse of what's on tap for the upcoming Bond film. Is Christoph Waltz really playing iconic Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld? What neat gadgets will 007 use to take down the bad guys? Will we get to see Daniel Craig shirtless once again?

We'll know the answers to all of those burning questions in due time. In fact, we've already been given a little bit more intel on one of the more breathlessly anticipated aspects of any Bond movie: the "Bond Girls."

USA Today recently got an exclusive sneak peek at the fierce and fabulous women who will star in Spectre. That includes official photos of the women in the 24th Bond film, as well as details about how their characters will interact with the secret agent.

French actress Lea Seydoux will play Madeleine Swann. She is a doctor and the daughter of an assassin, whom Bond comes to find at her Austrian clinic. It sounds like some kind of romantic relationship could form between these two, although Swann will show that she's totally not interested in Bond at first.

Monica Bellucci will play a character named Lucia Sciarra, the widow of a murdered mafia member whom Bond travels to Italy to get some information from. Sparks will fly between these two as well, the Italian actress told USA Today.

British actress Naomie Harris will return to play Eve Moneypenny in Spectre. Now that the rookie we saw in Skyfall has gotten some experience under her belt – like accidentally shooting and nearly killing 007 – she may have some doubts about her profession and the way her life is turning out.

Stephanie Sigman, who plays a character named Estrella, didn't divulge anything about her Spectre role because the Mexican actress is "sworn to secrecy about pretty much everything involving her character, including her last name," according to USA Today. Oh well. That's kind of what you should expect from a spy movie anyway.

Head over to USA Today for more details about this new crop of Bond women and to see their official Spectre photos before the film hits theaters November 6.

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