Apple may soon allow third-party Apple Watch docks makers to deploy integrated chargers in the same.

The information comes courtesy of 9to5Mac's sources who divulge that Apple will permit third-party accessory manufacturers to officially create docks for its popular Apple Watch.

"Apple will soon let manufacturers in its Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) licensing program include charging pads for the Apple Watch directly in their accessories, according to sources," reports the publication.

Currently, the dock makers do not provide a charging pad for the Apple Watch stands and users who purchase the accessory need to use the stock charger Apple makes for its smartwatch. The makers create openings in the docks for the charger - which look quite unsightly - but are the only workaround available.

However, with Apple reportedly looking to allow manufacturers to add integrated chargers, users will no longer need to install their own cable for charging the Apple Watch that is mounted on a dock or stand.

The advantage of this move will be that third-party accessory manufacturers will have more creative flexibility when making the designs for the docks. The design restrictions, thanks to creating grooves to push through the charging cable from Apple, will be a thing of the past. We will soon see creative designs for the docks once the limitations are lifted.

If apple permits third-party manufacturers to create integrated chargers for the Apple Watch docks, then Apple may provide some of the components. Currently, Apple provides third-party accessory makers of the Apple Watch bands with the lugs.

The company's MFi suppliers give access to the charging component to the accessory manufacturers, who then carry the same in their designs. This component resembles a bundled Apple cable.

However, the charging components are currently available only in "sample quantities" for MFi partners per 9to5Mac. Per the publication, the plans for the accessories that have integrated chargers cannot be submitted for sanction yet.

It is not known when the third-party Apple watch docks that feature integrated chargers will become commercially available.

Photo: GillyBerlin | Flickr

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