The first Twitter Flight conference was held on Oct. 22, 2014.This year's Twitter Flight is the second annual conference and will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco.

"Twitter Flight 2015 builds on last year's conference with more technical sessions and more opportunities to meet the engineering team behind the Twitter platform," says Prashant Sridharan, Global Director of Developer & Platform Relations, Twitter.

Post the keynote by Twitter's product team member and executives, Sridharan reveals that the company will delve into "three tracks of technical sessions." The day will end on a joyful note in the happy hour, where one can interact with and get to know its engineers.

At the 2014 Twitter Flight, the company announced Fabric, a mobile developer kit, which is an assortment of tools for helping people perform tasks such as identifying bugs in beta testing codes, selling an ad space within an app and more.

The return of Twitter Flight is not unexpected as other companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and more host similar annual events for developers. Moreover, many people applauded last year's conference that would have encouraged Twitter to host Twitter Flight again this year and probably make it a yearly occurrence.

Jeff Seibert, Senior Director of Developer Platform at Twitter, says that he is very pleased with how Fabric has progressed after the 2014 Twitter Flight. Seibert also noted that more than 1 billion mobile devices globally have downloaded a minimum of one app that uses Fabric.

This year's Twitter Flight will include a session called "Deep-dive sessions on Fabric and Gnip," which will offer in-depth knowledge pertaining to the Twitter platform, along with the best practices for extracting the maximum out of Twitter offerings.

The "High-level sessions for Fabric and Gnip" will be akin to the previous year's event, which will provide content to developers who want to get an impression of how Twitter's platform works.

The conference will include a session called "Technical 'lightning talks'" that will allow attendees to understand how Twitter was built and how to deploy the company's platform properly.

Visitors to this year's Twitter Flight will be able to talk with engineers about Twitter's apps as well as back-end services in "Behind-the-scenes talks" session. 

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