NBA 2K16 could very well wind up being the most highly-anticipated and sought-after NBA 2K game of them all.

Operation Sports was able to obtain screen grabs of leaked details about the game's MyGM, MyLeague, MyTeam and new 2K Pro-Am modes...and the reported information doesn't disappoint.

Amongst the highlights of the leaks are the ability to pull off three-team trades, relocate franchises, the inclusion of summer leagues and a revised and bolstered draft in the MyGM mode. The screen grabs also mention the ability to further customize options for MyTeam and MyLeague. In addition, the new 2K Pro-Am mode will feature five-on-five matches of MyPlayers with up to 40 players simultaneously. reached out to 2K for confirmation, but the company neither confirmed or denied reports about the allegedly-leaked information.

This latest news and Wednesday's news about NBA 2K16 reportedly including at least 10 NCAA teams only add to the excitement for the latest title in the long-running series.

That and don't forget that the minds at 2K tabbed Spike Lee to direct the game's MyCareer feature, giving it a cinematic feel and better story.

"We follow a kid through the trials and tribulations of being a top high school player and the decisions he has to make," Lee, who shot a total of 90 minutes, equaling about 12 hours of in-game drama, told USA Today last month. 

NBA 2K16 is scheduled for a September 29 release.

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