Caught on camera: Thief steals wallet from heart attack victim and buys a round on drinks at bar


A man at a bar has been caught stealing money from another man who was having a heart attack at the bar he was at, then turned around and bought some drinks using the sick person's money, police in Williamson, Illinois, said. The news has been seen making the rounds on social media, highlighting the growing concern crime is having on the country.

As per the police in the Illinois town, a patron at the Rock Bottom Bar took $100 from the wallet of a man who was on the ground, potentially having a heart attack. The sick news has spread across the Internet as condemnation and frustration have apparently set in over the bad karma theft.

"The suspect returned to the bar with a $50 bill and bought a round of drinks," Dixon said. "The suspect can also be seen on the surveillance throwing the victim's wallet on the floor near the bar after exiting the restroom."

Two $50 bills were taken from the sick man's wallet, with one of them then being used by thief to purchase another round of drinks, police report.

Madison County Sheriff Captain T. Michael Dixon told reporters that the victim has said he was at the bar and then began experiencing what he thought was a heart attack. He then found out later than $100 had been stolen from his wallet while he was suffering the attack.

He had initially thought his girlfriend had been the one rummaging through his pants and taking out his wallet, but it turns out it was the thief. The victim was taken to a local hospital by ambulance where he received medical assistance and was then released.

Video surveillance of the event brought forward the criminal action and police were able to identify the thief through the footage.

"He [thief] tried to buy the girl that Larry [victim] was with that day a drink with the money he took," recalls bar owner Mike Lovsey.

The thief has been arrested and charged with felony for the crime and remains behind bars awaiting further criminal investigation and action by the prosecutor.

While doctors are unsure of what happened to the victim, he did not have a heart attack. Foul play is being suspected as medical professionals say something could have been slipped into the man's drink.

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