We've not heard a lot about the feud between Stephen Amell's Green Arrow and Cody Rhodes, A.K.A Stardust. But things seem to be heating up on Twitter lately, as both men prepare to duke it out in the ring at WWE.

The whole thing was fun over the past few months. We get to see both men stared down each other, along with throwing around tough talk in hopes to get a fight going on an unspecified date.

Things slowed down after Dusty Rhodes passed away. Why? Well, he is the real-life father of Stardust, so as expected, he would take some time to grieve. Now that the short-term grieving process seems to be over, the feud is on again, and we are loving every minute of it.

The thing is, though, we don't see Stephen Amell as a good enough actor to perform in the ring at WWE. We say this because the actor lacks charisma, and it shows when he lately performed for the good folks at Comic-Con.

The crowd was cheering, but in our mind, it was weak and uninteresting to the point where we were hoping he'd just hurry up and sit down. If he brings the same kind of performance to WWE, we doubt he'll be in that ring a second time.

Stardust is not a professional actor but he has more charisma than Stephen Amell; that alone should prove how terrible the actor is in this regard.

Can things change? Sure it can. Amell might surprise us all as Green Arrow at WWE. He might pull off a performance worth remembering for years to come. We've seen it happen several times over before.

An actor who is less talented than most surprised the world with one of the best performances ever. Despite all that, we recommend fans to keep their inner Spartan intact because he will likely disappoint.

We will see Amell again in full Green Arrow costume this year when the new season of Arrow kicks off.

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