It's not just about movies anymore. Universal Studios Theme Parks may be developing big plans to expand the park in Orlando with new attractions and rides based on video games from Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.

If the rumors are true, this video game-themed amusement park will be Universal Studios' third property in Orlando, along with Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure. According to an exclusive report on This Is Infamous, the studio is hoping to rival the number of visitors to another nearby multi-day family attraction - the classic favorite family destination, Disneyland.

Reportedly, Universal is still acquiring the land required for this massive project. However, if the alleged plans push through, it is indeed expected to give Disney a run for its money and a healthy competition for Orlando family tourist destinations.

Possible ideas for the park include children-friendly areas based on Nintendo games like Pokemon, Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda - which could easily be expanded to create entire themed lands on their own within the park due to the immense size of the video game's scope and lore.

Another area of the park which is almost certainly going to be featured is World of Warcraft, due to the fact that Universal is already in the process of creating a Warcraft movie set for next year.

However, all these are still speculation and the gamers in us just can't wait to hear the official news from Universal itself on when and if we'll be able to race against Donkey Kong and Mario in a Mario Kart ride or hang with Orcs in a Warcraft themed world.

Nevertheless, even though it is not more than a rumor at this point, it is not difficult to believe that these plans may come to fruition due to Universal having five on-site hotels and a water park set to open its gates in 2017.

According to the original report, if these plans for a Universal video game-themed amusement park come to light, the park may open in 2021.

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