A man in a Stormtrooper outfit has been spotted walking along the California coast in a month-long, 645-mile journey to reach the San Diego Comic-Con. 57-year-old Kevin Doyle is doing this Star Wars-themed walk in honor of the memory of his late wife, who passed away in 2012 from pancreatic cancer.

Doyle took his first steps to Comic-Con on June 6 at Ranch Obi-Wan, the biggest Star Wars museum in Petaluma, California, which was set up by Stephen J. Sansweet, who owns the largest Star Wars collection in the world. Since then, Doyle has been keeping a steady pace of 20 to 45 miles a day.

Doyle said he merely doing the walk to remember his wife, Ellen. He said that losing her to cancer caused him to lose his own creative spark - something which he hopes will return after this mind-clearing walking meditation to Comic-Con.

"In the time since she died, I've struggled with how to deal with the loss. I've been self-destructive and my art suffered. Being out here, my mindset is an open book. I hope I find enough healing to be creative and work in that way again," he said in an interview.

Others have also started to walk alongside Doyle to share their own stories of battles with cancer and loved ones lost to cancer. The walk has also managed to fundraise in Ellen's name some $4,065 dollars to give blankets and toys and other items to children with cancer.

Doyle said that he and his wife were avid geeks, and he even proposed to her in a Darth Vader costume. And showing that he has as affinity for all things geek and sci-fi, he made a detour on his walk on Tuesday when he saw a sign for Vulcan Avenue. He said he could not resist but have a photo taken on that street.

According to reports, Doyle's journey culminated at Comic-Con on July 9. His Comic-Con pass was given to him by Sansweet, and the 501st Legion, a Star Wars cosplaying organization that does charitable work, will fund a four-day stay at a hotel for him while in San Diego.

Although not yet confirmed, it is said that Doyle's journey will end in a grand walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with a garrison of 501st Legion Stormtroopers at his back to support him and honor Ellen's memory.

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