Flip phones may have lost their popularity as touchscreen phones continue to increase its user base. However, flip phones haven't really left the market and still enjoy quite a following.

Reports say that the latest company so far to have joined the flip phone bandwagon is LG, the Korea-based manufacturer known for the highly popular G lineup of handsets. Dubbed LG Gentle, the new flip phone model acts like a bridge between the old and the new with a design inspired by older flip-type models and the latest Android Lollipop running on today's most popular flagship smartphones.

There's nothing that is totally revolutionary about the handset except for the fact that it has a form factor that may cause the consumers to take it less seriously. Just like the old adage that says "big things come in small packages," the new LG Gentle is actually more than what anyone would initially think.

LG Gentle features a keypad that is matched with a 3.2 inch touch-enabled screen display which has a resolution of 480 x 320. This means that the handset delivers a density of 181 pixels per inch. It has a 1.1 GHz quad-core 32-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor, a RAM of 1GB, internal storage of 4GB which can be expanded through microSD, a battery of 1,700mAh and LTE support.

The flip phone will also be sporting a rear camera of 5MP and a front facing shooter of 0.3MP. For connectivity options, the LG Gentle is said to be equipped with support for Bluetooth 4 and high speed Wi-Fi.

The device features a custom user interface and a T9 keypad that is designed with the unique LG "Q" key, which provides a faster way of accessing the frequently used apps.

The LG Gentle is touted as an entry level device and is designed with the familiar leather-type back found among its flagship cousins. Although the information on the handset's dimension is not available, it's perfectly obvious that it can be enticing to those who are in the market for phones they can easily carry in their pocket. Moreover, it has large keys that make it easier to use for customers with relatively larger fingers.

LG Gentle is launching under the price tag of $170. There's no word yet on whether the device will also be available outside South Korea.

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