A new controller, the Tactical Assault Commander 4 for the PlayStation 4, has been spotted on Amazon.

It's a keyboard and mouse setup designed for the PS4 but works like a PC control system. It is a follow-up to the Tactical Assault Commander 3, which was released four years ago.

The new keyboard accessory doesn't really look like a full keyboard. However, it features programmable keys similar to the programmable controls found on a PC-based keypad. In other words, the Tactical Assault Commander 4 keyboard mimics a PC system with keys being WASD configured. Other unique keys include a "Snipe" key (for changing mouse sensitivity), a "Walk" key, "Quick" key, a Dpad and PlayStation button.

There's also a touchpad included, just like the standard Dualshock 4, which the designers placed on top of the keypad section. The gaming mouse, which acts like a sidekick to the keyboard, can also be attached. It also has a number of programmable buttons for FPS-style gaming on both the PS4 and PS3.

The new PS4 gaming accessory, which is specifically designed for first-person shooter games, will also be compatible with the PS3. It remains to be seen to what extent one can program the keys and if games will also have support for the keyboard's programmable feature.

Manufactured by Hori, the new keyboard and mouse combo is an officially licensed product by Sony. When the Tactical Assault Commander 3 keyboard and mouse for the PS3 was released in 2011, the gaming combo received mixed reviews from avid PlayStation users.

According to My Game News Flash, the new gaming combo is scheduled for release in Japan on Nov. 30. Amazon UK announced an earlier rollout on Oct. 9. The price is currently set at £86, which is about $130. This means that the pair will more or less cost the same when it is released in the U.S.

Only time will tell if the new gaming combo from Hori will prove to be successful four years after the previous release. However, it's nice to know that gamers are now faced with a plethora of gaming options and that manufacturers keep on designing their products to be versatile in terms of platform compatibility.

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