Motorola has unveiled the Moto X Style, the newest flagship smartphone of the company. In addition to the Moto X Style, Motorola also unveiled the Moto X Play, a surprising and unexpected move by the company after all the leaks and news surrounding the latest Moto X.

The Moto X Play is a more budget-minded iteration of the Moto X Style, and the two smartphones provide Motorola-loyal customers with a pair of good options for their next device.

The exact price of the Moto X Style, which will be known as the Moto X Pure in the United States, has not yet been determined. However, Motorola has said that it will be sold for $399 once it arrives in the United States in September, when it will be available to customers through the website of Motorola, Amazon or Best Buy.

There is no information yet on the final price for the Moto X Play, but given that it is the budget-minded version of the Moto X Style, Motorola has assured that it will be sold at a price that is half compared to those of high-end flagship smartphones iPhone 6 of Apple and Galaxy S6 of Samsung. The Moto X Play will not be launched in the U.S., a Motorola spokesperson told Tech Times. However, it will hit more than 60 countries this month.

Comparing the specifications of the two devices, the Moto X Style has a slightly larger 5.7-inch display compared to the 5.5-inch display of the Moto X Play. The Moto X Style is also a bit heavier and larger compared to the Moto X Play.

The Moto X Style will be powered by a 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset with hexa-core CPU, Adreno 418 GPU and 3GB of RAM, while the Moto X Play will be powered by a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset with an octa-core CPU, Adreno 405 GPU and 2GB of RAM.

The Moto X Style will come with external storage capacities of either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, with support for expandable memory through a micro SD card slot up to 128GB. The Moto X Play, on the other hand, will not feature expandable memory, and will come in only 16GB and 32GB capacities.

Similarities between the two smartphones include being shipped with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and featuring a 21MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera.

The Moto X Style is evidently the more powerful smartphone between the two devices, and is the better choice to buy as a new device once it is released. However, for customers with budget constraints, the Moto X Play is certainly not a bad choice, with specifications that will allow it to compete with even the flagship devices of other smartphone manufacturers.

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