Get ready for science fiction to become science fact.

There's still plenty of skepticism regarding Lexus' supposed hoverboard. Is it real? Does it work as advertised? Will Lexus manufacture and sell them, or is it a one-off project, a proof-of-concept kind of thing? Or maybe it's just a publicity stunt to be used in advertising.

According to a statement Lexus released in late June, the Lexus hoverboard works via magnetic levitation. "Liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets combine," said the company, explaining the device's magic.

Pundits have insisted since the beginning that there's no way Lexus' hoverboard will work on any ground. The technology for that sort of thing simply isn't ready yet. Unless Lexus has a jaw-dropping breakthrough to share, its hoverboard will work only on ground that has metal in it.

Fortunately, Lexus has been working on that exact thing: a metallic skate park. Recent reports put this special park in Barcelona, Spain, with pro 'boarder Ross McGouran onboard to test it out. We assume that park will be put to good use on August 5, as that's the just-announced date that Lexus will finally unveil the hoverboard to the world.

Lexus posted a very short video to YouTube today announcing the big event. It's full of quick cuts, but we spotted glimpses of that Barcelona skate park, cameras mounted to a huge drone, and liquid nitrogen being poured into something, the way you fuel up a car.

Stay tuned. August 5 is just one week from today, and Tech Times will bring you all the news Lexus announces at the event.

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