Composing A Brain Symphony For the Wachowski's Sci-Fi Drama 'Sense8'


If you're a fan of the Wachowski's Netflix show Sense8 or a neuroscience fan, you're in luck: you can now listen to a musical composition inspired by the series and made from the brainwaves of eight different people.

As a tie-in to the sci-fi drama Sense8, show creator and executive producer J. Michael Straczynski brought in eight fans of the show, recorded their brainwave activity and recycled said recordings to create a symphonic neurological masterpiece, aptly titled "Brainwave Symphony."

Sense8 — a play on the word "sensate," which means "aware" — is about eight different strangers from all over the globe who become telepathically entwined in each others lives, forming a "cluster" — all just in time to protect their newly-formed group from a secret government cell intent on destroying them. Each fan used in the creation of "Brainwave Symphony" was a stand-in for one of the show's characters, creating a "cluster" of their own.

As summarized by Straczynski:

"[The subjects were] exposed to stimuli designed to elicit specific psychological, emotional, biophysical reactions. The structure of the brain is such that it works by the firing of electrical impulses across synaptic gaps. There is something almost musical in the way the brain works. It is "symphony" on its own terms."

The symphony was recorded using headbands that have the ability to record alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta brain waves. The recorded data was then amalgamated using an algorithm that recognizes patterns and reconfigures them into musical components (i.e., melody, rhythm and so forth). Combining each of the eight strains resulted in a "larger psychological symphony to emerge," according to Straczynski.

As for the fate of the show itself, no announcements have yet been made concerning the fate of a possible season two.

"We're still waiting word for the final determination, but the talks have been optimistic. It's Netflix's call," stated Straczynski at a panel on July 28.

Watch the making of "Brainwave Symphony" and the composition in its entirety (plus some psychedelic graphics) below.



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