With Windows 10 out of the box, Microsoft has now confirmed it is working on enabling users to stream PC games to Xbox One consoles.

The highly anticipated Windows 10 comes as Microsoft's latest operating system is officially rolled out for PC. The new OS brings a slew of neat new features and improvements, but the ability to stream Xbox One games to PCs has particularly raised interest among consumers. While this option is exciting, Microsoft wants to take things even further and make it work the other way around as well, not just from the console to the PC.

Rumors of a PC game streaming to the Xbox One have been making rounds and intensifying recently, and Microsoft now confirms that it is indeed working on the feature.

"We understand if you're going to go PC to Xbox, we need to get keyboard and mouse working completely so you could play those games," Phil Spencer, head of Xbox at Microsoft, revealed in an interview with The Verge. "In terms of where we want to go with our platform, those are absolutely in scope of things that we want to do."

The executive further noted that Microsoft is ready to tackle this new challenge, although it will have to face a number of hurdles. Enabling PC to Xbox game streaming will not be easy, as it will require some serious game encoding, as well as a proper amount of bandwidth to support streaming to the Xbox One console.

While streaming from the Xbox One console to PC is fairly manageable, handling all of that encoding from the PC to the Xbox is less predictable and more complicated. Nevertheless, Microsoft seems confident that it can pull it off. If it does, the option will likely be even more popular than the Xbox One to PC streaming option.

At the same time, this functionality can also boost the popularity of the Xbox One, allowing it to better compete against the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4).

It remains unclear just when Microsoft will manage to overcome this challenge and add the feature, which means that for now it's tough to say when PC-to-Xbox game streaming will become available.

Windows and Xbox integration is still in its early days, but things nonetheless look promising. In the meantime, users can at least enjoy streaming from the Xbox One console to their PC.

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