Fans of iOS and Android have always been trying to convince the other that the OS of their choice is better.

In order to test which fans are really the diehard followers, two pranksters decided to do a simple test. They loaded a fake iPhone device with Android OS and then went around the streets to demo the features to the people they met along the way, telling them that it was the iOS 9 that they were seeing on the phone. After showing off the features, they asked for an opinion about the new "iOS 9."

The questions "What's your first impression?" "Why is this better than Android?" and "How does iOS 9 compare to iOS 8?" were just some of the ones they asked the people who were interviewed.

On the question about first impression, one guy responded: "It looks a little easier, once again."

When asked why they think iOS 9 is better than Android, a woman gave this response: "I dunno, Apple is just chill."

"I just think Apple is always better," said a guy with blonde hair.

Then when the pranksters asked how the new iOS 9 would compare to iOS 8, they got this answer from another guy: "All in all, it does really look better."

There's no doubt that most of the people interviewed are great fans of Apple. However, other than saying that Apple is better or that Apple is chill, there are no further statements that would explain why they think the way they do.

Note that the pranksters, who call themselves Dit Is Normaal, didn't use a modified version of Android. This would mean that if one looks really closer, he should be able to notice the Google search bar at the upper portion of the display. Apple will never allow such to appear on the home screen of any iPhone devices.

Tricking people into believing something is another thing has become and putting it all on video isn't new. One good example is when Jimmy Kimmel played a prank on people at Lie Witness News by showing them a Casio watch that is worth only $20 and telling them that it was an Apple Watch. Another prank he did was when he showed people an iPhone 4S and told them that it was actually an iPhone 5.

As long as these pranks don't end up getting anyone hurt, there's really nothing wrong to allow some people to get away with it. This prank only shows how a diehard fan would always remain loyal to his brand of choice no matter what situation he may be in or whatever kind of new technology shows up.

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