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iPhones Have A Hidden One-Handed Keyboard That's Been Holed Up Since iOS 8

An Apple developer has found a secret feature hidden from public use since iOS 8: a one-handed keyboard mode. Swiping from either edge of the keyboard reduces the width of the keys, making it possible to type with one hand.

Apps/Software October 21, 2016

Apple's iOS 9.3 Is More Stable Than Android Marshmallow And All Other iOS Versions In Use: Apteligent

Apteligent recently reported that the iOS 9.3 is the most stable mobile operating system on the market. The analytics firm studied the latest Apple OS in comparison with its former versions and Android Marshmallow.

Apps/Software March 31, 2016

iOS 9 Problems: New OS Crashing On Older Devices, Users Complain on Apple's Silence

iOS users upgrading to iOS 9 have taken to various social media outlets to gripe about the problems they have been having after updating their devices to run Apple's new operating system.

Apps/Software September 20, 2015

iOS 9 Proves To Be Popular As Adoption Nearly 20 Percent In Less Than 48 Hours

Less than two days after Apple released iOS 9, adoption rate for the operating system has soared to 19 percent, making it as popular as iOS 8 when it was launched.

Apps/Software September 19, 2015

Apple Reveals 87 Percent Adoption Rate for iOS 8 As iOS 9 Release Looms: Is That A Good Number?

With iOS 9 set to be launched on Sept. 16, Apple revealed that the outgoing iOS 8 has an adoption rate of 87 percent among all compatible devices.

Apps/Software September 16, 2015

Apple Is Sticking With The Same Paltry 16GB Storage For the iPhone 6s: Report

Apple will allegedly not alter the base capacity of the impending iPhone 6s to 32GB and will instead stick to 16GB. The smartphone's pricing for China has been leaked and points at 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 2, 2015

Apple Fans Think Android Running On An iPhone Is iOS 9, Give It Rave Reviews [Video]

Two pranksters loaded a fake iPhone device with Android OS and went around on the streets to ask people of their opinion on the new iOS 9.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 7, 2015

Startup Lynx Launches Social Network App Made Just For Sharing Links

Lynx, a virtual inbox for links, allows users to discover, save and share URLs from all things on the Internet in one convenient place.

Internet Culture April 24, 2015

Security Flaw in iOS 8 Can Permanently Crash Your iPad Or iPhone

A new security flaw in Apple's iOS 8 allows hackers to attack your iPhone or iPad when your devices connect to Wi-Fi, causing your device to go into a permanent cycle of crashing and restarting.

Geek April 22, 2015

Apple iPad Pro Case New Leaked Images Hints Of Possible Design Tweaks: USB Type-C, Speaker Placement

New leaked images of the iPad Pro case are compared with an iPad Air 2 to measure the tablet’s probable dimensions. This last release is somewhat consistent to earlier pictures posted by Sonny Dickson, a known Apple insider.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 21, 2015

How To Get The New Racially Diverse Emojis For iOS 8.3

Thanks to Apple's most recent update, you now have the option of using diverse emojis with skin colors beyond yellow and white.

Internet Culture April 9, 2015

Apple iOS 8.2 Now Available For Download: Here's What You Get -- But Should You Install Now?

iOS 8.2 has arrived, bearing bug fixes and security patches. At least one element of iOS 8.2 is poised to peeve owners of legacy Apple hardware.

Apps/Software March 10, 2015

Gearing Up For Apple Watch? iOS 8.2 Release Imminent Followed By iOS 8.3 Betas

Apple is reportedly ready to release iOS 8.2 early next month a week ahead of its anticipated Spring Forward event.

Apps/Software February 28, 2015

Apple iOS 8.3 To Go Public Beta In Mid-March, iOS 9 In Summer

Apple is releasing the upcoming iOS 8.3 as a public beta through the current AppleSeed program in the middle of March. The company also plans to release the iOS 9 as a public beta in the summer.

Apps/Software February 21, 2015

Android 5.0 Lollipop Is More Stable Than iOS 8: Report

A Crittercism report reveals Android 5.0 Lollipop has a slight edge over Apple iOS 8 in that it isn't crashing applications as often. But it's a very slight edge.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 16, 2015

Twitter Lost 4 Million Users Because Of iOS 8: Here's Why

It’s the latest challenge for the microblogging network trying to expand its audience and increase revenue from advertisements.

Apps/Software February 7, 2015

Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.1.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: What to Know Before You Download

Apple's iOS 8.1.3 software update for its iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch is rolling out now. The OTA update reduces the amount of storage space needed to perform the installation and brings bug fixes and enhancements.

Apps/Software January 28, 2015

Best Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Are you short on storage on your new iPhone? Use these tips to free up some space so you can take all the pics you want in between playing your favorite gaming apps.

Geek January 13, 2015

Apple Boasts Record $500 Million App Store Sales in First Week of January 2015

Apple has posted a record $500 million sales in the first week of January 2015. New Year's Day was the busiest ever for the App Store since its launch in 2008.

Business January 9, 2015

Apple Reports iOS 8 Adoption Rate at 68 Percent

The adoption rate for iOS 8 has seen a steady growth in the past few months and stands at 68 percent. By comparison, iOS 7 is on 29 percent iDevices.

Apps/Software January 8, 2015

Apple Sued Over iOS 8 Hogging Storage: Does the Class Action Lawsuit Have Any Merit?

Apple is facing another class-action lawsuit, this time for allegedly misleading users about the amount of storage available to them on 16 GB iPhone's after iOS 8 was installed. The new operating system takes up more memory than previous versions of iOS.

Legal January 5, 2015

Week In Review: Top 5 News Headlines Not To Miss

The final week of 2014, pretty much like every week this year, was full of tech news even with the holiday season and dawn of a new year. For those who were traveling, or busy getting new mobile devices up and running, here's a run down of the week's top tech news.

Gadgets January 2, 2015

Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit: Reason? iOS 8 Takes Up Too Much Storage Space

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple primarily due to the amount of storage space that the iOS 8 takes up in devices.

Legal January 1, 2015

Google Drive for iOS and Android Gets Update

Google has issued an update for the Google Drive app for both iOS and Android. The iOS update is already live, whereas the update for Android will roll out next week.

Apps/Software December 18, 2014

Apple iOS 8.1.2 is Out: Fixes Ringtone Issues, No Major Update. Should You Upgrade?

Apple released iOS 8.1.2 as the second patch for iOS 8.1. The version is also the fifth update since Apple has released iOS 8.

Apps/Software December 10, 2014

Apple iOS 8.1.2 Solves Ringtone Issue, Expands Feature Set

Apple has released iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone and iPad users, bringing a number of fixes, including repairing a glitch that deleted ringtones purchased from iTunes. The Calendar app has been given a number of new features that should make juggling busy lives much easier.

Apps/Software December 9, 2014

iOS App Downloads Hit Record High, 42% Jump in One Month

App Store users downloaded a record-setting 7.8 million apps each day in October. The launch of the iPhone 6 series had a role in historic download mark, though iOS 8's adoption still trails iOS 7.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 24, 2014

Apple iOS 8.1.1, OS X 10.10.1 Now Available. What iDevice Lovers Should Know

Apple's iOS 8.1.1 and OS X 10.10.1 are available for download now. The updates bring several security enhancements and bug fixes iDevice users' way.

Apps/Software November 18, 2014

5 videos for getting up to speed on Apple iOS 8 features

Apple has released the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, offering users a slew of new features and options. Some, however, might find all the new stuff confusing, so that's why we've put together a list of videos for iOS 8 users.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 6, 2014

Nuance Swype keyboard boasts 21 languages, suggests emojis

The iOS 8 version of Swype learns 16 new tongues. The keyboard app will also recommend emojis based on the words users input.

Apps/Software November 5, 2014

Jailbreak iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 or any other iOS 8 device very easily

Apple's latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2 can now be be jailbroken. So can any other iOS device running iOS 8.

Apps/Software November 4, 2014

Apple offers explanation about iOS 8.0.1 bugs, insists there are no quality control issues

Apple has broken the silence on iOS 8.0.1 bugs and admitted to the blunders. However, the company is insistent that it does not have any quality control issues.

Apps/Software October 29, 2014

Best ways to preserve battery life for iOS 8 and iPhone 6

Getting your hands on the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is exciting, but having no battery kills productivity. Find out the best ways to save battery power for iOS8.

Geek October 27, 2014

Apple's fiscal 4Q earnings beat estimates due to strong iPhone sales

Apple reported strong fiscal fourth quarter earnings due to robust sales of the iPhone. The company posted a net profit of $8.5 billion, up 11.8 percent from the same period a year ago.

Business October 23, 2014

iPhone, iPad users report Apple iOS 8.1 problems: Battery drainage, rebooting gadgets, connectivity issues, and more

Apple's iOS 8.1 went live on Oct. 20, but server issues continue to haunt the company. Reports that the update failed to address bug issues with battery drain and speed have also surfaced.

Geek October 22, 2014

Yahoo releases Flickr app for iPad and iOS 8 devices: Windows 8 and Windows Phone fans pick up arms in anger

Yahoo might have listened to request for an iPad version of the Flickr app, but it appears the company completely forgot about the Windows ecosystem.

Apps/Software October 21, 2014

Apple iOS 8.1 is rolling out Monday: What to expect and should you upgrade?

Apple is ready to release the first major upgrade to iOS 8, but with all the issues riddling iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2, is it worth upgrading to iOS 8.1 so soon?

Apps/Software October 20, 2014

iPad Air 2 vs. Nexus 9 vs. Galaxy Tab S: Royal Rumble of the hottest tablets

With both Apple and Google unleashing new tablets into the consumer space, we take a look at how the iPad Air 2, Nexus 9 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab S measure up against each other. Which device has more fire power to entice consumers in the royal rumble of the hottest tablets?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 18, 2014

YouTube, Facebook, Skype apps for iOS updated with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus support

The iOS apps for YouTube, Facebook and Skype received updates for compatibility with the new iPhones. The apps previously received updates to work with iOS 8.

Apps/Software October 18, 2014

Apple new OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 are best friends and big on sharing

Newly released OS X Yosemite and iOS love to share phone calls, text messages and emails. Yep, calls on iPhones can be directed to speakerphone conversations on computers running Yosemite.

Apps/Software October 16, 2014

Apple iOS 8.1 might plug a hole that allows you to use game emulators

The recent Apple iOS 8.1 beta will start running bug fixes on the latest discovered loophole. Users can no longer install emulators on their devices.

Apps/Software October 9, 2014

How to install and play Nintendo games on your iOS 8 iPhone and iPad without jailbreak (Video)

If you enjoy Super NES games and would like to play them on your iOS 8 device, you can do it without jailbreaking. Try this easy-to-follow guide and video.

Video Games October 8, 2014

Apple iOS 8 adoption hits a big wall. Blame iOS 8 problems, bugs

iOS 8 runs on only 47 percent of devices. The OS is barely a month old but it has already been plagued with a series of technical issues.

Apps/Software October 8, 2014

Best and most popular free and paid iOS 8 keyboard apps make iPhone 6 typing a breeze

There are new keyboard apps available for iOS 8. Here is a list of some of the best you should check out on your iOS 8 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apps/Software October 4, 2014

Apple Pay might roll out with iOS 8.1 on Oct. 20: Report

Apple may push out iOS 8.1 on Oct.20 and the update will likely bring Apple Pay users' way. The software update is currently being tested by developers and will likely fix bugs and bring several new features.

Apps/Software October 3, 2014

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