GamesCom 2015: New 'Attack On Titan' Game Headed To PS4 And Xbox One Next Year


For a series as popular as Attack on Titan, it's kind of surprising that someone hasn't created a next-gen gaming adaptation yet. True, the series has seen a few video games, but most of those were Japan-only Blu-Ray visual novels...not something you'd expect from an anime centered around giant, man-eating Titans and soldiers flying around on gas-powered grappling hooks.

Thankfully, it looks like Koei Tecmo is finally righting this injustice: as a part of GamesCom 2015, the publisher announced that it would be bringing its adaptation of Attack on Titan to next-gen consoles sometime next year. For the first time ever, gamers will be able to swing through the city and fight back against the Titans on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

If you're looking for any other info, you're out of luck: coming in at just under a minute, the debut teaser for the next-gen Attack on Titan game isn't exactly bursting at the seams with details...

Really, the trailer only confirms a few things. One, the game is definitely coming to Western audiences - Koei Tecmo wouldn't have published the trailer to their American channel if it wasn't. Two, Attack on Titan is being developed by Omega Force, the same studio behind the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games. Finally, the game will use a cel-shaded style, not a 'realistic' look used by the 3DS game Humanity in Chains.

And that's about it. It's a shame that there isn't more to the trailer (it's not even animated), especially when the game is due out in Japan later this year. Considering just how hard it is to nail the feeling of Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear, Omega Force has their work set out for them - and it'd be a lot more reassuring if there was actual gameplay on display.

With any luck, Omega Force's Attack on Titan game will be the ones fans have been waiting for - we'll just have to wait until the game debuts sometime next year to find out.

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