Tesla has kept its promise and has taken the wraps off a snake-like charger that is able to automatically connect to the company's Model S vehicle.

Earlier, in December 2014, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk had let on via Twitter that the company had a robotic charger in the works that could automatically connect to the vehicle.

On Thursday, August 6, Tesla Motors took to Twitter to share a video of the proposed snake-like charger's prototype, which is capable of attaching automatically to a Model S.

Wondering what the charger looks like? The silver snake-like contraption dubbed the "Solid Metal Snake" looks segmented and is reminiscent of what one may espy in a sci-fi movie. The charger would fit aptly in a Star Trek movie and slithers around without any human interaction. While it seems a tad creepy, one cannot help but get hooked to the video and watch it in wide-eyed wonder. The prototype can be seen searching for the charge port on the vehicle as it stands straight in the air. The charger bends and finds the charging port of the electric vehicle and quickly plugs itself in. The port turns green, which is an indication that the charger is working, and the charging is in process.

While Tesla's earnings call may have not been on par with expectations, the company is hoping that, with the arrival of its much-awaited Model X SUVs in September, there will be a turn in fortune. Tesla intends to produce nearly 12,000 cars in Q3 2015, which is an increase of 60 percent from 2014.

For those wondering when the futuristic-looking robotic Solid Metal Snake charger for the Model S will begin to make its way to the shelves, as well as how much will it cost, Tesla is keeping mum for now. Check out the video of the charger in action below.

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