The world is about a month away from another Apple event, which will star the new "S" versions of the iPhone 6 series, if reports hold true.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on Sept 9. The company is believed to be planning another event for the week of Sept. 7, with Sept. 9 being the most likely date for the presentation, according to reports.

The latest bit of news alleging to tip some of Apple's tightly sealed plans came from BuzzFeed on Friday.

Sources told the outlet that iPhones will again headline the presentation, but Apple is also expected to show off its refreshed iPad line as well. The massive 12.9-inch iPad Pro still appears to be a "wild card," according to BuzzFeed.

The rumor mill has churned out little about new iPads, beyond the iPad Pro, and there's a good chance that all of Apple's new tablets could be kept veiled, at least partially, until October, which is when the company seems to like to show off iPads and OSes.

As for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the updated handsets are expected to have pressure-sensitive Force Touch displays. They are also expected to have improved cameras and more effective Qualcomm wireless radios, which draw less power and deliver better performance.

Apple first rolled out Force Touch in the Apple Watch and the 12-inch Macbook with Retina Display. The pressure-sensitive tech adds a new way for users to interact with their devices, and it seems Apple plans to roll out Force Touch to all new products with displays.

The new and improved Apple TV, on the other hand, is expected to appear at the Sept. 9 event, or whatever day the presentation occurs on. The set top box is expected to see its first major refresh since it was introduced in 2009.

The new Apple TV will employ an Apple A8 processor, more storage space, a better user interface, Siri voice control and a new remote control. While the Apple TV is expected to use an A8 processor, many believe the company's refreshed tablets and smartphones will employ an A9 processor.

The A9 processor hasn't been released or officially announced, but a Bloomberg report in April alleged that Apple has gone back to Samsung's foundries. Apple had previously stepped down its order to Samsung, in favor of rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). It appears Samsung and Apple are again working on a new processor, the A9.

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