Prepare for another season of heart-stopping frights as the highly popular FX horror anthology American Horror Story enters its fifth story arc with the premier of American Horror Story: Hotel this fall.

The latest season features several new cast members led by pop superstar Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson. They will be joined by series regulars Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters.

During FX's day on the press tour for the Television Critics' Association, the American Horror Story: Hotel cast, along with series co-creator and producer Ryan Murphy, provided media members a quick tease about their characters well as what American Horror Story fans can expect about the upcoming season.

On Lady Gaga's character, Elizabeth, Murphy said that her character is a rich social doyenne who is very much obsessed with fashion, art and people. She is the owner of the titular hotel on the show.

Murphy explained that the focus of the story will revolve around Elizabeth's nefarious scheme, which will be revealed to the audience in the show's first episode and will unfold over the course of the fifth season.

Gaga will begin shooting her scenes on Monday.

Sarah Paulson will play the role of Hypodermic Sally, a permanent resident of Elizabeth's hotel and the hated nemesis of Bates' character. Paulson shared that her character is a drug addict with dark yet sexy personality.

"She's a drug addict, and not that drug addicts are sexy, but this girl happens to be quite sexy," Paulson said. "She's got a thing. I don't think it's like anything I've done on this show."

Angela Bassett will play the role of actress Ramona Royale, an associate of Elizabeth. Bassett said that just like Sally, Ramona is also a very sexy character, but that she is not influenced by drug use. She said that Ramona does not live in the hotel but she visits the place frequently.

Veteran actress Kathy Bates' role is that of Iris, the manager of the hotel. She said that she has a relationship with Bentley and Bomer's characters, and that she has a deep dislike for Sally.

Matt Bomer is cast as Donovan, a close associate of Elizabeth and Iris. He said that his character has "very interesting" relationships with the women in his life.

Cheyenne Jackson will portray fashion icon Will Drake. Jackson said that Drake decided to Los Angeles from his home in New York in order to reestablish himself creatively.

Murphy also revealed that several characters from previous seasons will be seen checking into Elizabeth's hotel this year. He said that the setting of the show is at downtown L.A., and that the story will feature a number of American horrors.

The show's co-creator recalled a story that became the inspiration of American Horror Story: Hotel's premise.

"There was a surveillance video that went around two years ago that showed a girl getting into an elevator in a hotel that was said to be haunted," Murphy said.

"She was never seen again."

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