Sex can be a sensitive subject, which is one reason why the topic of sex education in schools can be such a controversial one. Or vice versa.

Someone who's apparently not afraid to talk about sex is John Oliver who analyzed what sex ed looks like in America's schools today during the top story on Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight. That's a task that's easier said than done because there is no standardized sex ed system in the U.S.

That means sex ed curricula can vary wildly among different states, districts and even schools. For instance, some states have laws limiting what educators can teach about homosexuality. Others prohibit condom demonstrations. Some schools have abstinence-only programs.

Since sex ed is important for many reasons, including preventing STDs and unintended pregnancy and learning about consent, Oliver created a celebrity-filled video that he thinks should be played in sex ed classrooms all across the country. The likes of Laverne Cox, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Kristen Schaal, Jack McBrayer, Aisha Tyler and Kumail Nanjiani provide some comedy but also some vital information to inform the youth of America all about anatomy, abstinence, contraception, STDs and consent. Jonathan Banks, who actually starred in a 1974 educational film about menstruation, even makes an appearance to let us all know that getting your period does not make you better at bowling. I feel enlightened already.

Check out the full Last Week Tonight segment below. It's a little NSFW because, you know, it's about sex education and all.

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