Modders have been having a heyday with Grand Theft Auto V on PC. From turning the whole game into an RPG to this completely ridiculous whale mod, players can't seem to get enough of the endless possibilities the game's modding community offers.

This latest mod is sure to be a blast. Brazillian modder Julio Nib has created an Iron Man suit for players to use in-game — and the results are spectacular.

For starters, the suit itself is visually spot-on. But it's what the suit can do that is really impressive. The suit is equipped with a number of different weapons in the form of hand repulsor beams, a high-powered chest repulsor beam and missles. The beams instantly destroy anything they come across, as the lunatic in the Iron Man suit destroys police car after police car with no effort at all.

Of course, the suit also grants the user increased strength and protection. Bullets bounce off the armor's exterior as the character sprints around punching cars left and right. Before long, SWAT teams and helicopters are rolling up to stop the mad Iron Man. Too bad they can't catch him, with the player blasting off into the sky like a man-sized jet.

The animations and sound effects in this mod are top-notch. Watching the suit in flight is particularly impressive, with the character model using his hands and feet to maneuver just like Iron Man in the films. 

It's crazy to think that this is all one person's passion project. There have been Iron Man games in the past, but watching this fan creation makes us want an open world Iron Man game right this instant. If you are in the mood for more superhero-themed GTA V theatrics, you should definitely check out this mod featuring The Flash.

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