Melanoma deaths on decline in Israel; U.S. athletes are at greater risk, say new research reports


As May, which is Melanoma month, comes to a close new skin cancer related research reports show a decrease in melanoma death in Israel and warn that college athletes need to better protect themselves while in the sun.

The first study reveals that while melanoma diagnosis is on the rise worldwide the number of melanoma deaths is on the decline in Israel, by 30 percent among men and 20 percent among women, according to the Israel Cancer Association. The improved survival rate is due to early diagnosis, states the report.

The study says 1,469 Israel citizens were diagnosed with invasive and in situ melanoma in 2011, with 188 deaths reported.
Early diagnosis and greater knowledge of skin cancer is being cited as a necessity for U.S. college student athletes in another melanoma-related research effort.

The study claims college athletes are exhibiting poor habits with regards to sun exposure and tanning. The research involved 393 athletes at a southern university ranging in age from 18 to 24. Just a little over a half, 54.8 percent were men, the rest were females.

The students were quizzed on sun exposure, habits and knowledge and the study stated most participants lack even basic insight on skin cancer, with just 35 percent aware that sunscreen should be applied every house.

The research report advises colleges and universities to boost education effort on the danger of sun tanning and help students improve their sun related habits.

Another recent study regarding melanoma reports that men using erectile dysfunction drugs featuring a certain inhibitor called PDE5 are found to be at greater risk for melanoma as the drug increases the production of melanin. That study showed men using EDS medication had a 2.24 higher risk for developing melanoma.

According to the Israel study younger people in that country are paying greater attention to public service campaigns regarding the danger of sun exposure and the related risks with more lectures being held in schools.

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