Cincinnati's Creation Museum will exhibit the bones of a world-class Allosaurus specimen called Ebenezer on May 24. The dinosaur's remains were excavated from Northwestern Colorado at the Morrison Formation with the help of students from Cedarville.

Creation Museum founder Ken Ham set up a new display featuring the preserved bones of the Allosaurus. The fossil cost $1 million because the museum claims that the skeleton proves that Noah's flood really happened 4,300 years ago.

The Allosaurus specimen was dug up in Colorado over 10 years ago and it will be the center piece at the Creation Museum's new exhibit. It will be used to explain how the events found in Genesis can be proven with the use of dinosaur skeletons. Ham hopes that those who will check out the exhibit will understand that Noah's flood in the Bible which supposedly took place a couple of thousand years ago was the reason why there are no more dinosaurs on Earth. Noah saved the creatures that escaped the catastrophic flood.

Ham was in a heated debate with science professor Bill Nye in February when he said his museum's new exhibit will defend the story of Genesis and reveal the scientific problems of evolution. "Evolutionists use dinosaurs to reach children more than anything to promote their worldview," Australian-born Ham said. "Our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell their true history according to the Bible." Nye said that if there was a big flood, the drowning animals would swim to a higher level but not a single one of them did.

Most scientists believe that humans only existed for a million years or less. Based on a scientific model that's conventionally accepted, humans could never have co-existed with the dinosaurs as there are no human skeletons that go back to the age of the dinosaurs. However, humanoid fossils are hard to come by and the lack of it makes it more difficult to substantiate the claims that humans evolved from other primates over time.

Christian ministry Answers in Genesis said that 50 percent of the fossils were dug up in Colorado. Other researchers believe that dinosaurs last walked on Earth 60 million years ago. Some Creationists believe that Ebezener died as it tried escaping from the flood but likely drowned and got buried by sediment and debris. Meanwhile, Kentucky's Paleontological Society president Daniel Phelps criticized the ministry's statements and said that the Creation Museum decided without any research that the fossil is evidence of the Biblical flood.

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