If you're an owner of a Honda Accord, you might want to get it secured because as per LoJack, one of the largest vehicle tracking companies out there, the Honda Accord is the most stolen vehicle in 2013.

Interestingly enough, the Honda Accord has been at the top of this list for the last 5 years. It goes to show that thieves know a good car when they see one, and they'll steal it whenever given the chance.

In addition, the Honda Accord is also the most recovered, which isn't surprising since it is the most stolen.

Today's thieves are highly skilled professionals, and LoJack's data reveals that stolen cars, trucks and SUVs equipped with the LoJack system were recovered 90+ percent of the time in 2013," said LoJack's VP of Law Enforcement Patrick Clancy. "The latest statistics from the FBI indicate that nearly half of vehicles stolen are not returned to the rightful owners, resulting in millions of dollars in assets lost by vehicle owners. The LoJack system has proven to be a highly effective tool to combat vehicle theft." 

The majority of the cars on the top 10 list are among the best selling on the road right now, and only a few surprises us. For example, the Ford F-350 takes the number 8 spot, though we would have expected the Ford F-150 to be on the list since it is the top selling pick-up truck in America.

Sitting at the number 2 position, is another Honda in the form of the Honda Civic. This is not, again, a surprise, for these type of cars are so attractive to thieves, sometimes we have to wonder if they have a secret imprint that only thieves can see.

At number 3 we have the Toyota Camry, another thief magnet. These cars are regularly reported as stolen all over the world, so no wonder some owners made the right choice to drop a LoJack tracker inside, because they knew beforehand what they were getting themselves into before making the purchase.

Another Toyota made the list, this time; it's the Toyota Corolla. Thieves adore these cars folks, so if you come across one of these in a car shop, either stay clear and wander over at your own risk. Don't be surprised when driving this car, you magically find yourself in the middle of the road while the car is racing down the freeway.

Here's the full list:

1.            Honda Accord

2.            Honda Civic

3.            Toyota Camry

4.            Toyota Corolla

5.            Chevrolet Silverado

6.            Acura Integra

7.            Cadillac Escalade

8.            Ford F-350

9.            Nissan Altima

10.          Chevrolet Tahoe

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