Microsoft has rolled out the third cumulative update for its new Windows 10 operating system since it was launched on July 29, named KB3081438.

According to the official support page of Microsoft, the update will include improvements for enhancing the functionality of Windows 10, with the cumulative update remaining true to its name of including all the previously released fixes for Windows 10.

The update can be downloaded and installed either through Windows Update or through the Microsoft Update Catalog. No further details are released regarding the update by Microsoft through the support page.

However, a spokesperson for Microsoft told technology news website ZDNet that the update was designed to make fixes on issues with the Windows 10 Store that had been affecting a number of users over the previous week. Some users have not been able to accesses the Windows 10 Store, download app updates and install new apps, and in certain instances, Windows Store apps such as Calendar and Mail were also not functional.

Microsoft did not reveal any additional details regarding the Windows 10 Store problems, such as what caused the issues. ZDNet was told that there is nothing more for Microsoft to share regarding the supposedly fixed problems.

However, ZDNet reported that for users that were experiencing troubles with the Windows 10 Store, the third cumulative update was not needed because hours before the release of the said update, the Windows 10 Store and Windows 10 Store apps started to work normally again, without having applied the update yet.

In addition, not all users that were affected by glitches on the Windows 10 Store had their problems solved with the update, as there have been several reports of the issue still persisting for some users.

Microsoft has not been revealing the details of the inclusions of updates and fixes that the company has been launching, which seems to be part of the massive overhaul that Microsoft has made regarding the release of patches and updates for Windows 10. Included in the changes is the requirement for Windows 10 Home users to download all the fixes and updates as soon as they are released by Microsoft, while users of the Windows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise models are given a bit more choice in when to download the patches.

The reason behind the lack of details in Microsoft updates, however, is unclear.

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