Although gamers can't get enough of news related to upcoming Bethesda title Fallout 4, there's one thing about the game that will stay in the dark until it releases in November: its story.

In an interview with IGN, Bethesda stated that it won't release any story details about Fallout 4 because the company wants players to discover that through the story's gameplay.

"I would be stunned if we said anything else about the story ever again [prior to launch]," said Pete Hines, Bethesda's Vice President of PR and marketing. "We're going to let everybody experience that in the game as much as possible. But there are certain trade-offs you have to make to build some amount of awareness to what the game is offering, so you're willing to make some sacrifices."

So far, Bethesda has kept that promise: even hands on demos have focused almost exclusively on combat and the game's SPECIAL system. And so far, no one's leaked any story details either.

However, there is a lot of information out there available about Fallout 4's game plays, including specific details about the game's perks system.

Bethesda also announced on Twitter that the game doesn't come with a level cap.

However, none of the information released involves the storyline. All gamers know is that it takes place in and around Boston. So, basically, Bethesda plans involve asking players to trust them to create a game worthy of $60. However, if previous Fallout titles are any indication, that trust is well warranted.

The company also told IGN that it's not focused on DLC, because its priority is the game itself.

"I can tell you with all confidence that right now the team is one hundred per cent focused on the game itself," said Hines. "Mod support, DLC... That's all nice, but if we don't deliver an awesome game by November 10th our DLC plans won't matter and our plans for mod support will be irrelevant."

That's not to say that Bethesda hasn't put some thought into DLC, though. However, Hines reiterated that DLC is not the company's current focus.

Fallout 4 arrives for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 10.

Photo credit: Bethesda

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