Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel turns red because of old sleazy, frat emails


Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, turned red after the sleazy emails he sent as a fraternity brother leaked out.

Spiegel is also the co-founder of the photo messaging app Snapchat that features the self-destructing function that deletes messages just seconds after the recipient has viewed it.

Spiegel's frat emails were leaked on Wednesday, May 28 by Silicon Valley gossip website ValleyWag. Spiegel's leaked emails are considered to be shameful to women and he has also issued an apology statement to TechCrunch regarding the derogatory emails sent during his fraternity days.

"I'm obviously mortified and embarrassed that my idiotic emails during my fraternity days were made public. I have no excuse. I'm sorry I wrote them at the time and I was jerk to have written them. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women," per the statement issued by Spiegel.

The leaked emails mainly originated in 2010 when Spiegel was between 18 and 19 years old and a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at Stanford University in California.

The leaked emails describe urinating on women, underage drinking, helping friends to get involved in sexual activities, strippers and more. Most of the emails are very lewd and demeaning to women.

Many people are pointing fingers at Spiegel but it seems that some people are taking his behavior as normal.

"This is sort of my general response. And I am NOT suggestions this is good, but this is pretty much what every dipshit 18-22 year old frat conversation sounds like. Regardless, he's a high-profile individual with a lot of sway and in theory, should probably be held to a higher standard than someone else," commented a user on VallyWag.

Snapchat was first launched in July 2011 under the name Picaboo for iOS. However, in September 2011 the app was re-launched under the name Snapchat. In November 2012 the app was also released for Android devices. Within a short span of time the app has received high popularity amongst users. Currently, millions of members are using the app and sharing pictures on a daily basis.

The popularity of Snapchat also attracted the tech industry and Facebook made an offer to buy Snapchat for $3.2 billion. However, it seems that the founders of the app have bigger plans for it and rejected the offer.

The company has already received millions of dollars as funding from investors. However, it will be interesting to see how users and investors react to Spiegel's leaked emails. 

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