This One-Hour Video Shows You All The Lightsaber Duels That Ever Happened In Star Wars


With enough material to create a whole new movie on its own, this YouTube user wove together every single lightsaber duel scene in the Star Wars movie franchise. The result is this video that runs for one action-packed woosh-filled hour.

YouTube uploader mj walker edited each fight scene back-to-back and in chronological order from the six Star Wars movies, doing away with frivolous elements like story and dialogue. What you have left is one glorious lightsaber duel after the other.

As some viewers have already commented, it's interesting to see how the fight scenes in the Original Trilogy seem much slower-paced compared to the CGI-filled prequels. Of course, this is probably due to the limits of technology when the first movies were produced; however, it is also fun to think of the pacing being a result of the Jedis and Sith Lords getting older and therefore slower in their dueling skills.

Some fights stick out more than others. Darth Maul's unique double ended lightsaber fight versus Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi remains a fan favorite, as well as the fight between Luke Skywalker against Darth Vader right before that pivotal classic Star Wars moment when Vader reveals that he is Luke's father.

My personal favorite is when Yoda shows off his light saber skills for the first time onscreen and takes on the fight against Darth Sidious. Seeing Yoda perform leaps and somersaults during his duel versus the future Emperor made us all see how the aging Yoga was truly a great, skilled Jedi Master.

Of course, other diehard Star Wars fans will have very different opinions. However, this video does aside with all those differences and just presents to fans for the very first time, all the lightsaber battles that have made the action in Star Wars much more memorable and artistic than merely blowing things up with, as Obi Wan himself would call them, primitive weapons like bombs and guns.

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