EA recently unveiled a new mode for Star Wars Battlefront, and it sounds very similar to the Conquest mode found in DICE's Battlefield franchise. Called Supremacy, the mode will allow players to battle it out for a series of control points that must be captured in order. Which ever teams captures all five (or holds a majority of points when the countdown clock reaches zero) wins.

Unless those two teams are evenly matched. If that's the case, a Supremacy match may last much, much longer.

Lead Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall recently took to Twitter to clarify how Supremacy's match timer works. While the EA blog post announcing the mode said that the two teams would battle it out for a 10 minutes, Brännvall says that is simply the time that the match will begin with.

Brännvall doesn't mention any kind of unseen time limit for match length, so as long as the two teams juggle control points back and forth, more time will continually be added to the match until a victor emerges. That should make for some truly epic struggles between the Rebels and the Empire.

Long battles over 20, 30, or 40 minutes bring their own set of problems, however. The longer a match runs for the higher the chance of players leaving or backing out, either from boredom or real world events that require them to be elsewhere. Brännvall doesn't say if players will be able to join a match mid-game, but most shooters, including DICE's own Battlefield 4, do allow for players to join an ongoing battle. If Battlefront does support the ability to drop in, it should go a long way towards ensuring long lasting Supremacy battles don't fizzle out.

In addition to Supremacy mode, Star Wars Battlefront will also include Blast (team deathmatch), Walker Assault, Figher Squadron and co-op focused Survival Missions for players to enjoy. You can read more about the game's Blast mode here.

Star Wars Battlefront releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC Nov. 17.

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