The custom CyanogenMod ROM is getting some powerful new features, which will give it even more of an edge over other custom ROMs.

Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), CyanogenMod's team revealed on Friday, Aug. 14, that the custom ROM was benefiting from dual-SIM support, a new ambient temperature thermometer dubbed Kelvin Sense and Tasker via the Cyanogen Platform SDK.

"The Cyanogen Platform SDK is about safely giving developers deeper access to Android, while enabling them to create original experiences for users. Whether it's creating new ways of engaging with existing applications or developing completely new experiences, our goal is to make sure the Cyanogen platform offers meaningful choices to meet the growing needs of a diverse, global smartphone population," noted the blog post from CyanogenMod.

The new tools will aid developers in getting "deeper access" to the novel features, as well as aid them in creating new apps.

One of the features being introduced is Kelvin Sense, a thermometer that will be built in the ROM. The feature will deploy the internal temperature data of the device through sensors to give users the exact reading of the ambient temperature of the environment.

The CyanogenMod gets another exciting feature in the Dual SIM Control API, which will give users additional control over the use of dual SIM functionality. The Dual SIM API has been combined with the Quick Settings API to offer users a seamless experience when using Dual SIM.

The last—but by no means the least—exciting feature is Tasker (an advanced app), which will give users the ability to automate actions. Users will have multiple options for the automation. CyanogenMod is also working in tandem with Pent, the developers of Tasker, to create an extension for the application that uses Platform SDK.

The Community and Cyanogen are working together to bring forth additional tooling experiences as they go about making the platform more open.

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